The Little Things

There are things left to say,
They can’t be spoken of today.
Cuz what’s just been said,
Can’t be pushed away.
It’s okay
No matter what we say.

— Neel Adhikari

I’ve been enamoured with Dice Media’s Little Things thanks to a worthy recommendation from a close friend (both seasons are on Netflix. It didn’t quite work at first glance—something was just off about the pilot—but it grew on me. How so many things in our life are about the little things; the peace you get from the little things that help you take on the day, day after day, after day.

A confession: I picked today with purpose. I just didn’t want to count my chickens before they hatched. I want to believe I won’t regret today no matter the outcome but perhaps that isn’t entirely true. But there is something empowering about it all, and watching the Universe align itself around you.

Maybe none of this matters in the end, and we’re all just playing with our lines in the sand. But today leaves behind a sense of proud accomplishment. And this here is my only memory of a day without pictures, without social media, without a recording. And what a day it was.

We’re not perfect, we’re not slick.
We don’t steal, just like thieves, we are thick.

Here’s hoping it stays that way.

Chirag Desai @Chirag